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Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

Need SEO services in Kent? We are Comtecs, Tunbridge Wells’ leading SEO agency. Rank high, attract visitors & grow your sales.

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Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy

Expert SEO Services in Kent

Our SEO services have been helping businesses in Kent for over 10 years. We’ve captured position one in the Google rankings for many high-volume keyword search terms that have driven millions of pounds in business sales for our clients.

What is SEO? 

Websites are not just built, launched and then found by your target customers.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process by which you can market your website so it becomes an authority in your industry or niche, and will get to the top of the Google search results. 

To perform at the highest level and to deliver ongoing sales and leads, your website requires an SEO strategy to give Google and your audience what they want. Do this and it can be a game-changer for your business.

An SEO strategy usually involves: 

Keyword research

To appear in front of the right customers you must understand what keywords and phrases they use when searching Google to find your products and services. There are usually many different variants of keywords that people use, and in different contexts, so this step is vital in uncovering opportunities to rank for more qualified search terms. The more qualified the search terms, the easier it is to convert a visitor into a paying customer.

Competitor research 

Another key part of the SEO strategy process is competitor research. We spend time analysing your competitors and then ‘backward-engineer’ their websites to see what keywords they are ranking for. 

Next, is the clever part. Once we have identified these targets, we can then go after them and ‘steal’ their rankings (in a legitimate and legal way, of course). 

SEO implementation 

Once you have your SEO strategy in place we can then focus on the implementation side which involves:

Technical SEO

We fix any SEO problems that could be causing your website to perform poorly. This also includes investigating why your website isn’t converting and why you are leaking visitor traffic. Also, we tag the code in your pages with the right keywords, so Google can index your website properly and show your website against the right searches. 

Content for SEO 

A vital ingredient of any SEO strategy is content. You can’t become an online authority in your area or industry unless you have the right information that your potential customers are searching for. 

Before customers buy products and services, they research. They research solutions to problems, they want answers to questions, and they want to find the company that will give them that information.    

Our SEO consultants will undertake in-depth research and find immediate content opportunities. Next, our copywriters will produce the highest level of content that will enable your website pages to rank and generate leads and sales. 

SEO link building

If you want to rank first in the search engines then it helps to have links from other high-quality and relevant websites that act as endorsements. Inbound links show Google that you are a reputable website that can be trusted. It will then rank you higher and show you against more keyword and phrase searches.  

Local SEO 

Our local SEO services operate slightly differently to our standard SEO offering. We have achieved exceptional results for a number of Kent-based businesses who have enlisted our SEO consultants to attract more visitors and drive more sales. 

A local SEO strategy is more focused around building your presence in the local area (e.g Kent) and for more localised search keywords and phrases. This means you need to create more specific types of content, acquire inbound links from local sources, focus more on customer reviews, etc. The work is very detailed but will help you gain local online search domination of your niche.    

If you’re looking for proven local SEO services to boost your profile in Kent, then get in touch. 

SEO consultancy 

If you already have a marketing team in-house then we can provide you with the right SEO strategy for your business. Whether you need someone to take care of the keyword research, hands-on assistance with technical SEO or guidance on the content side, our SEO consultants can help.

SEO management 

SEO is both a skill and an art. We know you’ve got a business to run so why not let us take care of the SEO management side of things. Our highly-skilled team of search engine experts will take your headache away and deliver first-class results. 

Our SEO consultants are not just techies. They are commercially-savvy, so they understand that sales pay the bills, not just rankings. They are fully transparent about their approach and they never employ ‘black hat’ SEO strategies that would be a potential risk to your Kent business.  

SEO training

Are you wanting to learn SEO or learn how to use it to grow your business? We offer SEO training days where we can train your team and teach them the skills of SEO. We cover the basics and show them how to tailor an SEO strategy to your business as well as where to focus activity to get the desired results.  

In just a single SEO training day we can add a tremendous amount of value to your digital marketing efforts whether it’s online training or in-person at your Kent offices. SEO training costs just £599 + per day. Each session can train up to ten people. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Local business competition can often be fiercer than operating on a national scale. If you want to bring local Kent-based customers to your website then our local SEO services can certainly help you to get the edge. When 95% of your competitors are not even investing in their organic search engine exposure, you’ll be the company who can gain a competitive advantage. 

We have a number of SEO service packages available starting from just £650 + vat per month. We can tailor the package based on the level of activity required and the number of hours invested. One thing we will say is that our SEO team over-delivers at every stage.

The speed of ranking depends on the competitiveness of your niche and the amount of work required to get to the top. Some industry sectors are more competitive than others and it also depends on the budget you have available. The good thing is that there are always little pockets of opportunities to explore and usually some quick SEO wins.

If you want to maintain your top ranking then we suggest you continue to invest in your SEO. You may be able to reduce spend and activity in some areas but, in our experience, there are always new opportunities to explore.

You can find our SEO service headquarters in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. We are based just a two minute walk from High Brooms train station. It’s on the mainline to London Waterloo East. You can view us on the map below.

Ready to have a chat and learn how our SEO services can help your Kent business?

Give us a call. All initial consultations and quotations are free, and we don’t go in for the hard-sell sales tactics. We’re here to help you make the right decision for your business.

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