Social Media, Google Services & Video Editing
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Social Media, Google Services & Video Editing

Consultancy services that establish the links and accounts which are the foundation of solid SEO

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Bolt On Services

As demand changes, our services adapt.  Modern communication opportunities and the ever changing nature of our clients’ businesses has enabled us to offer a wider range of consultancy services which can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis.

Social Media Content

In a similar fashion to our core website design & development service we have experience of working with all of the major social media platforms and can produce both written copy and imagery which we will subsequently post to your chosen social media platforms on your behalf.

You may be short of time or unfamiliar with the interfaces for these platforms and prefer a 3rd party, who manage such platforms for clients on a daily basis to undertake this work.  We do so on an ad-hoc, hourly fee basis which ensures that you retain control by setting limitations.

This service includes:

  • Creation of pages from scratch or modernisation & update
  • LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Pages, YouTube
  • Image production and population
  • Company profile creation and publishing
  • Job vacancy advert posting (see below)
  • Product & service promotion and positioning
  • Hashtag linking

Google Services

Undoubtedly the most important of all of the bolt-on services that our clients choose to engage.  From the configuration and operation of Google Analytics, interacting with our inhouse CMS or your chosen ecommerce platform through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click) we can assist you devise the strategy and undertake all of this work through the technical operation of the Google platforms and interfaces. 

Additional assistance with business listings, Google “places” listings and configurations along with product and service listings.  We can produce these listings utilizing your content and sub-edit copy which we have previously generated or create from scratch as required; all of this catered for on an ad-hoc hourly basis to ensure you remain in control of the budgets at all times.

Careers Pages & Job Vacancy Promotion

Combining the skills within our group, years of recruitment industry experience are applied to the production of marketing collateral required to effectively promote job vacancies available at your company.  This includes:

  • Job Specification definition, assessment and production
  • Market analysis and salary benchmarking
  • Advert creation and copy production
  • Social media promotion
  • Bolt-On and customization of the “Careers Widgit” to your website. Use this tool to:
    • Drive applicants to a specific page to promote your company and the vacancy
    • Manage your job vacancies (Publish/Hide)
    • Assess unique visits and traffic

Video Production & Editing

Whilst not asserting to be a fully-fledged, expert video editing and production company our client engagements have led us to undertake basic video and imagery compilations resulting in basic promotional videos being produced for the benefit of website and social media content. 

We have the skills, experience and technology inhouse to be able to create short videos of this nature and a wide network of videographers, drone operated video producers and video editors who can be engaged to deliver high-end production value output as required.


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