Dry Drinker

Drydrinker.com is the UK’s leading independent low and non-alcoholic beverage retailer offering the full range of drinks that you would expect including beers, wines and spirits which promise to deliver on flavour but ensure that you don’t collect the hangover!


This complex project required our inhouse team of ecommerce development specialists to meticulously plan the migration path of all ecommerce functionality from WordPress/WooCommerce into Shopify. Included within the project was the migration of all products (~2000) and all previous customer orders and account data of which there are approx. 30,000 unique customers due to the ever increasing demand for low and non-alcoholic beverages in the UK and further afield ensuring no loss of data and an improvement in the unique product listings.


Whilst our team undertook all development and migration work a partnership was formed with Alias Digital together with whom many changes to UX/UI were implemented to improve the overall customer experience.


URL: https://drydrinker.com/