Education Advisers

The “Best Schools” Website is a platform operated by Education Advisors the UK’s leading private education advisory. The organisation guides parents of would-be pupils seeking places within private preparatory and secondary schools across the UK. With such a wide array of boarding, day-pupil, co-educational and tertiary/further education institutions operating within the market place the platform is a complex database driven system drawing data from central repositories (such as OFSTED) along with the company’s own CRM system in order to provide school ratings amongst other information about each school and, naturally, its pricing model. The platform further exists as a marketing tool enabling call-to-action for prospective parents whose data is injected into the CRM enabling the team within the business to follow up and provide their advisory services to people across the globe. Working closely in partnership with the company our development and project management team have delivered on each and every aspect of their web presence and technical platforms with these bespoke systems built using a range of technologies including PHP5, Laravel, HTML, CSS and Javascript frameworks.