A system as unique as your business
Bespoke Systems Development & CRM
A system as unique as your business

The way in which you manage your data, acquire new business or liaise with existing customers is distinctive. The systems you employ are critical.

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Bespoke Web Systems Development & CRM

The software landscape has changed significantly and quickly. No longer is the server-based application essential to running a business. Numerous Software as a Service (SaaS) options are available off-the-shelf and more importantly, online.

Whilst this approach is an opportunity for business of all sizes, barriers remain: customisation of off-the-shelf systems can be either impossible or costly; vendor consultancy rates astronomical and recruitment of an in-house systems support professional often impractical.

When a business occupies a unique space within the market and has carved out a niche, its management team will often look to maintain this position and grow from there. In the modern environment, this can require a bespoke platform from which to operate.

Largely Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focused, these systems will likely require functionality which explicitly reflects the business model and its related functions. From lead generation to quotation, contract negotiation and management, customer engagement, service delivery and renewal, reporting and 3rd party systems integration we build robust web-based systems which meet the needs of your business. Our inhouse team of UK based development, support and project managers will deliver your bespoke web-based system and support the growth of your business precisely as you require.

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